Sunday, April 16, 2017

Week 5 Questions

Hello and welcome back!  After a brief hiatus courtesy of a new job and a lot of travel, we are back and better than ever with more fun questions!

Also, if you have questions you'd like to see used, here's where you can submit them!

Easy:  Albert starts his turn, saying "untap, upkeep...", and Norbert tells him to stop, because he would like to cast a Vendilion Clique in Albert's draw step.  Do players get priority in the draw step, and if so, is it legal for Norbert to cast Vendilion Clique then?  Will the Vendilion Clique be cast before or after Albert draws his card for turn?  When does Norbert choose who will be targeted by Vendilion Clique's ability?

Hard:  Natalie casts Kolaghan's Command targeting Angela's Frogmite with both the "deal 2 damage to target creature or player" mode and the "destroy target artifact" mode.  In response, Angela sacrifices her Welding Jar targeting the Frogmite.  What happens as Kolaghan's Command resolves, and does Angela still have a Frogmite on the battlefield after everything resolves?  If Kolaghan's Command had the modes listed in the opposite order, would that change the result?

Corner Case:  Alex plays Life and Limb.  Later in the game, Nathan plays Blood Moon.  Then, Alex puts a 1/1 Saproling token onto the battlefield.  What is it?  Now suppose that Alex played a Taiga instead of creating a saproling token.  What is the Taiga?  After playing the Taiga, Alex then also creates a 1/1 Saproling token.  What is that new saproling, and what is the Taiga?

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