Thursday, March 2, 2017

Welcome to Judge Quiz!

Hello!  Lately, I have received an outrageously high number of requests for judge questions of various levels.  I suppose word got out that I like to collect such things, and that's what happens.

So instead of individually writing zillions of questions out for people in messenger, I've decided to make a weekly (probably) blog to share questions.  Each week (ish), I'll post 3 questions.  One will be an easy question that an L1 could be expected to answer correctly.  One will be a somewhat harder question that I'd expect an L2 (or someone about to test for L2) to be able to answer, and one will be a corner case that really no one should be expected to answer, but that an L2 or L3 with the Comprehensive rules in front of them and infinite time would probably be able to answer eventually.  The following week, along with new questions, I'll include the answers to the previous questions.  Eventually, the goal is to have lots of questions for interested judges to answer, and I'll get practice explaining complicated things in the meantime.

Before everyone starts yelling at me for including corner cases, many people find them fun, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as people understand that there is no expectation that anyone else know the answers to these questions.

The first week of questions will follow shortly.


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