Friday, March 24, 2017

Week 4 Questions!

Enjoy another week of questions! I encourage you to send me more questions and/or feedback via Facebook or Judgeapps!

Angela casts Transgress the Mind targeting Nicholas, and Nicholas reveals Walking Ballista and two basic lands. Can Angela choose Walking Ballista? Later in the game, Nicholas casts Walking Ballista for X = 3. Can Angela counter it with Horribly Awry? (credit: Jarrod Feight)

Hard: Allison and Norm each control a copy of Death's Shadow. Allison is at 6 life, and Norm is at 9. Allison attacks with her copy of Death's Shadow, and Norm blocks with his. Allison casts Temur Battle Rage on her copy of Death's Shadow. Assuming Allison would assign all possible trample damage to Norm, what is Norm’s resulting life total? (credit: Jarrod Feight)

Corner Case: Abigail controls Painter’s Servant (naming blue) and Sword of Fire and Ice. Noel casts and resolves Sudden Spoiling targeting Abigail. What happens if Abigail tries to equip Painter’s Servant with Sword of Fire and Ice? (credit: Jarrod Feight)

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