Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Week 1 Answers

Hello!  Here are the answers to the Week 1 questions!

Easy: Adric attacks Norman with his Heir of the Wilds, which is his only creature. Norman blocks with his 3/3 Beast token and his 1/1 Thopter token with Flying. Who chooses the damage assignment order, and when is that choice made? What are the legal ways that damage can be assigned?

Answer:  The damage assignment order for attacking creatures is always chosen by the active player as a turn based action immediately after blockers are declared in the declare blockers step.  This is not when amounts of damage are chosen, however, as that happens as damage is dealt in the Combat Damage step.  This means that Adric chooses the order of blockers.

In the combat damage step, Adric must assign at least lethal damage to the first blocker before assigning any damage to the next.  Since Heir of the Wilds does not have trample and was blocked, he cannot assign any damage to Norman.  Since Heir of the Wilds has deathtouch, any amount of damage dealt by him is lethal, so Adric may assign 1 or 2 damage to the first blocker, and if he chooses to assign only 1 damage, he must assign the other 1 damage to the second blocker.  If he assigns all damage to the first blocker, only that creature and Heir of the Wilds will die in combat.  If he assigns damage to both blockers, all 3 creatures will die.  

Hard: Adrianna controls Heliod, God of the Sun, and then later plays Starfield of Nyx. Her devotion to white is 3, and she controls 8 enchantments. Is Heliod a creature? If so, what is its power and toughness? 

Answer:  This is a layers question.  In the Type layer (3), we have 2 effects that impact Heliod's type.  We apply them in timestamp order, so first we apply Heliod's effect that says Heliod is not a creature.  Then we apply Starfield's ability, which says that Heliod, as an enchantment, is a creature.  The end result of this layer is that Heliod is a creature.  

Then, in the P/T setting layer (7b), Starfield's effect sets Heliod's power and toughness equal to its CMC, which in this case makes it a 4/4.

In the end, Heliod is a 4/4 enchantment creature.  

Corner Case: Anna is at 10 life and casts Madcap Experiment. The twelfth card revealed is a Platinum Emperion. Does Anna lose the game? If not, if Anna's opponent, Nancy, flashes in Gorehorn Minotaurs that turn, does she have Bloodthirst?

Answer:  Spells always resolve in order, so Anna first reveals cards until she hits Platinum Emperion and then puts it onto the battlefield and the rest of the cards on the bottom of the library.  Then Madcap Experiment deals damage to Anna equal to the the number of cards revealed, which is 12.  The damage is dealt, but Platinum Emperion says that Anna's life total cannot change, so the damage has no effect on her life total.  There was, however, damage dealt, so Nancy does have Bloodthirst for her Gorehorn Minotaurs.

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